Macron Macro Win

Mon, 2017/06/19 - 8:21am | Your editor
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Emmanuel Macron is estimated to have control of the French National Assembly after the vote Sunday. His France en Marche party won 308 seats according to the latest count, along with antoerh 42 seats for the MoDems who also back his governmnet. It only talkes 289 seats for a majority. However, the vote turnout was particularly low so there will have to be negotiations over changes in key labor laws.

Meanhile the Finsbury Park mosque was attacked last night after the Ramadan fast and at least one person has been killed here in London. And it turns out that I am partly responsible for the horrible fire in the Council high-rise building in north Kensington, as a shareholder in Arconic, the maker of the aluminum cladding that was the vector for spreading the flames. I own shares in this recent spinoff from Alcoa although of course it did not want the company to mis-sell its products. I happen to know a former member of the Alcoa board because her parents in law were our neighbors many years ago in Brussels, and she too would not have allowed mis-selling of products either.

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