Macro-Hard Strikes

Tue, 2017/10/17 - 2:37pm | Your editor
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Overnight Microsoft updated my windows computers and as a result I could not sign in to either my desktop or my laptop. I then spent more than an hour talking to Marc or Mark of Microsoft in Manila to get back access to my computers. You will recall that our phones are not working so it was mostly a matter of proving I was me, but the system is awkward, circular, and annoying. Macrohard strikes again.

As a result, today's blog will have to be truncated as I cannot write enough before the market has closed against us.


Airbus is taking a stake in Canada's Bombardier which was facing a crash after the US imposed hefty tariffs against it because of subsidies it got from Quebec Province, where it is HQ's, and Britain, where it has plants in depressed Northern Ireland. The duty resulted from an initiative from Boeing which will be the loser from this alliance. It is not only The Donald who shoots himself in the foot.


We have news from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and two quarterly reports to cover today.

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