Mon, 2009/03/09 - 4:18pm | Your editor
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     LIFO and FIFO are accounting terms, for how inventories exiting are booked, first or last in, first out. But some analysts are using these terms to predict when the global economies will emerge from the downturn. The main optimistic view is that because the U.S. was first into the mess, it will be first out. FIFO in fact.

      Since we never have been in a comparable economic downturn in my lifetime, I hesitate to make predictions. But I am sure of one thing: the stock market will not sink to zero. And the U.S. will come back.

      In the interval, a good place to park your money (along with General Electric, which is up over 7.5% since I bought some last week) is Canada. The loony touched a new low for the 21st century today. GE was favored because this money was from an environmental stock position and GE is big on wind power along with everything else, although it is not part of my Global Investing universe of stocks. I think I invested in GE because it sounded ridiculously cheap for a company whose health is similar to that of the USA.

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