L'assassin du Dimanche

Sun, 2017/10/22 - 2:51pm | Your editor
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Today thanks to an overnight update to my Windows computer I confronted a loss of my programs for getting into my website and creating tables. I am not sure if this was the work of Google or Microsoft but it sure ruined my day. I am reminded of the song Yves Montand used to sing: “L'assassin du Dimanche”. Why do automatic updates perversely remove programs from your computer anyway? Isn't that what Microsoft was fined for a decade ago?

Having asked how to avoid Microsoft removing my programs the virtual agent just told me where to find the Microsoft wersions I do not want. Then Wungrailent V came along to review my conversation and this exotic person seems to have no idea what this is about but he or she did give me a case number, 1401992199 and tried to take control of my computer. I declines

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