I See Big Moves

Wed, 2017/07/05 - 6:17am | Your editor
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I See Big Moves. It is not just the Korean ICBM that is worrying the world today; it is also the US and South Korean joint missile exercises in a show of power and riposte. The US Administration warned Pyongyang that our country can use a "full range of capabilities at our disposal against the growing threat.”


Asian markets apart from Japan plummeted creating a buy opportunity.


More for paid subscribers from around the world starting with China where the service sector saw slumping sales in June, hinting at slower growth. The Caixin purchasing managers index in June fell to 51.6 from 52.8 in May. Any level over 50 means growth but a lower level over 50 means growth is decelerating. This impacted our portfolio. Japanese shares rose today in relief at the US-SK reaction to the Kim Jong-Un missile threat, but other markets are worried. Pres. Trump was caught short after stating a few weeks ago that North Korean missiles would not be able to hit the USA; now they can. And the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute says North Korea already has 10 ICBMs with nuclear warheads in its arsenal.


We also have news from Britain, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Finland, Japan, Australia, Denmark, India, Korea, Belgium, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, and Bermuda.

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