Harvard Yard Sale

Wed, 2017/06/07 - 6:30am | Your editor
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The Road Warrior is reporting to her subscribers from a patched-together email system because our London fiberoptic conversion has killed both our phone and Internet systems. It is probably not related to the terrorist attacks coming out of this neighborhood but just to incompetence by the people doing the tech, who are coming tomorrow to set things to rights.


Road Warrior Note 2: two of my teenaged grandchildren have just been given learner driver permits and are now a threat on the roads of Cleveland. You have been warned. By the time they are fully grown chances are that cars will drive themselves even in Ohio.


Tomorrow Britons vote and what looked like a slam-dunk for Theresa May has turned into a potential rout. It turns out that she is just as inexperienced at governing as her US counterpart, with whom she rushed to bond after he was elected. Like Trump, May only trusts a small and inexperienced team of advisors, and like him she cuts funding for ideological reasons which hurts her chances of winning future elections. In her case the funding cut was for police to investigate potential terror attacks, during her 6 years as head of the UK home office. In his case it is cuts in Medicaid which helped his own supporter base.


My poor university has put on the market its New Zealand dairy farmand other real estate from its portfolio, writing off investments that at one point topped $4 bn at a substantial discount from what the land cost. The Wall Street Journal headlined its article this morning “Harvard Yard Sale”.


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