Happyish 4th

Tue, 2017/07/04 - 6:29am | Your editor
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This 4th of July we are celebrating another victory over Britain, because Post Holdings has acquired the favorite breakfast food of the British, Weetabix for $1.7 bn. The sellers were Bright Food of China and Baring Private Equity Asia. (I thought the House of Baring was bankrupt but apparently it is still functioning.)

But the Hessians are not as well contained, as both Lidl and Aldi, two German cheap superette companies, plan a comeback assault on the USA st starting with an Independence Day themed Lidl opening in the US heartland, not far from Valley Forge. Lidl is pronounced "little".

The worst news on this Glorious 4th is that North Korea, the nutter state, can now fling its Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles westward and hit the USA or at least Alaska.

Another glitch took over pricing of Nasdaq tech stocks after the early Monday close, and some winners like Alphabet and E-Bay were offset by big losers like Amazon and Microsoft. We need better tech for stock trading.

Because I am flying home on Thursday, you are getting a special edition blog today from London. We have news from Japan, South Korea, Israel, Ireland, India, Mexico, Singapore, Finland, Spain, Colombia, and Denmark.

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