Hacker Wins Again

Mon, 2017/03/27 - 4:15pm | Your editor
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After my c-suite was reactivated over the weekend, my access to my emails was briefly re-established with the help of our webhosting service. However, I could not get my cable company to redirect my emails to the briefly functioning corporate account.

Then with extreme idiocy I tried to change the password on my email account....

And back came the topless lady and the redirecting to an account not part of my system. So I went back to the Time Warner Spectrum cable company and they told me to download a program called malwarebytes, distributed from Chicago but offering software from Ireland. Since all this crud begain on St. Paddy's Day I though perhaps I had won the Blarney Stone...

The downloaded program ran and found nada, nichevo, nichts, rien. But of course I knew that there was an issue. So I logged out of the laptop and tried to log into it again. The password I use did not work. The back up password the computer store guys set did not work either. I am now locked out of my laptop. The leak seems to have been from the log-in at the gmail account that was hacked reacting (if that's the word) to the search by malwarebytes.

Anyway, for the paid amongst you, here is today's blog based on what I did before I started on the futile quest at about 11 am. There is news as the world reacts to the mess in Washington. Some of the news is a sign that I may be a tech klutz but I do know how to protect our stock positions when the market is frothy.

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