Guns of August

Fri, 2017/08/11 - 1:33pm | Your editor
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Instead of internet investors China has unleashed internet investigators in a crackdown on social media sites which are violating its cyber laws. This is to keep Chinese netizens behind the Great Wall to block any access to subversive content not in compliance with communism or the ambitions of the current leadership. Beijing is deliberately hiding its real crackdown on ideas by claiming that websites are addictive or allow financial fiddles. China's internet overseers charged chat-rooms with “spreading violence, terror, false rumors, pornography and other threats to national security, public safety, and the social order”. Public safety is a buzz word for me.

The chat-room crackdown's real purpose is to block ideas which question the official government line. It also protects from exposure the corruption by relatives of present and past top leaders, including Pres. Xi Jinping the ruler over the regulator. Robespierre during the bloodiest days of the French Revolution also claimed his Jacobins were operating a “committee for public safety” which ultimately guillotined political opponents who dared to publish criticisms of the terror.

Later this year Xi wants to consolidate his power at the 19th Communist Party Conference, so he wants to get potentially subversive opposition chat off the 'net. Cyber security is a cover-up for thought control. The targeted websites, WeChat, Weibu, and Tieba are run by private sector groups like Baidu (BIDU) or Sina or Tencent (TZTCF).

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