Friday's Child

Fri, 2009/03/06 - 3:56pm | Your editor
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       Today I am writing my blog directly on the Global Investing site for the first time. I am unable to find the font we use traditionally, courrier new, so this is something else. Traditionalists will have to forgive me. Also, for the first time in days, I am not having to run my copy past my lawyer before being allowed to post it. He is too busy filing a fraud complaint with the Attorney General of Florida and a Federal identity theft claim in New York.

        I am also using the old HTML codes I thought were left behind in the 20th century, which this hotshot site requires. It was set up by some Russians whom, I fear, have not yet overcome the scorn for customer service that they were raised with. Markets are not what technical experts respond to anyway, and these guys also have a political bias against helping me out.Being a Friday child, I still have far to go, but I assure you I am doing my best.

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