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Fri, 2017/09/22 - 1:23pm | Your editor
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It takes one to know one. Scandal-ridden Wells Fargo has upgtraded Equifax, the hacked and disgraced credit rating agency, to buy.

Notices of private corporate actions filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission were hacked by what may have been insider traders. Many years ago our ADR Guide quarterly publication was hacked from the Library of Congress by the securities regulators and the IRS in violation of our copyright (why we filed with the Library.) I found it too much trouble to try to deal with the Feds and stopped publishing the guide which I still use for ADR ratios and the like.

Microsoft hit me with a blockage of my desktop password when I signed in after the Jewish holiday, requiring that on this hectic catch-up day that I spend time hopping from computer to computer. Now it is merely cutting me off every 5 minutes or so. Meanwhile the phone repair has been rescheduled for Sept 28. Welcome to Ouagadougou.

Connectivity, which used to be the bright spot in Century 21 is now becoming a black hole.


So today's blog will consist mostly of one-liners unless more is needed like reporting deals.

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