Free At Last

Tue, 2017/03/28 - 2:53pm | Your editor
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It is to a Latino, Hugo, that I owe my liberation from the hackers, after 11 days of future search for help. He has to be better because he has just a trace of a Spanish accent. Most of the tech cognoscenti I dealt with are no more knowledgeable than this 20th century-born editor on how the pipes and links on the web work, I have now concluded.

To celebrate tonight I will attend a meeting on exchange traded-funds by my old pal Herb who invented "country funds", a kind of ETF, two decades ago when working for Deutsche Bank, as his guest. I will write up anything I learn for you all tomorrow, assuming the system doesn't revent to insecurity again.

More follows from Germany, Latin America, Canada, Korea, Israel, and Hong Kong for the paid subscribers among you. We will not be having to purchase a dedicated server to provide you with issues after all but getting the cash flow up is always useful when one is spending money on tech support and dehacking--none of which worked since March 17.

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