First Footing

Sun, 2017/01/01 - 11:26am | Your editor
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The Scots have a tradition of marking the first visitor of twhe new year as a herald of what is to happen later in the year, called first footing. The London afternoon having proven cold and dark and rainy, I opted to update my tables, with some gaps. The main reason is that we couldn't get last minute theater tickets which we had left too late. British box offices are open on Sunday. We had gone already to a magnificent Pantomime called "Mother Goose" at the venerable Wilton's Music Hall in the East End but we couldn't find another appealing bit of theater.

So in London on a holiday afternoon there is not much to do after our walk along the Thames had ended. So to work I went, frustrated by the new computer here which only searches with Google and won't let me use Mozilla. British software packages for cheap laptops are based on the closed-shop principal, very unsporting. The other laptop is in thrall to Microsoft and  also won't let me download only program which I can use to blog.

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