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Wed, 2017/07/12 - 12:35pm | Your editor
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Today I am wearing my Lavender Hill Mob earrings, little Eiffel Tower images, in the hope that the boost to gold prices will continue after a 3rd rise this morning. The comedy movie was about British gold smugglers who wound up shipping real gold mini-Tour Eiffels to Paris along with thousands of fake ones.

If financial assets like gold reacted to price changes like goods, a higher price would cut demand for the yellow metal. But because investors like to follow the herd, a higher gold price can actually boost demand.

My Eiffel Towers are fake and so are the others I bought in London for my two granddaughters, who will get theirs at a family gathering this weekend to fete my husband's 80th Birthday. Lavender Hill, in London, is not very steep and easier to climb than the Eiffel Tower and the recent gold price rises are similarly feeble. I think we all need a bit of insurance against political and stock market risk, which gold provides.


Another fashion note. The sharing economy in Hong Kong now includes luxury handbags from Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and Prada in Hong Kong. You can go to Dou Bao Bao (Show off your handbag, a website) and borrow a designer handbag, according to Lin Wanxia of I only would borrow Louis Vuitton bags myself because the logo looks my initials. Until they became too-too common I collected second-hand LV bags in Paris.


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