Driving Ladies

Wed, 2017/09/27 - 1:20pm | Your editor
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The big winners on the Saudi stock exchange after it was decreed that there is nothing in Islam which prohibits women from driving cars turn out to be auto insurance, car dealers, and car leasing firms listed in the Kingdom like Budget's local arm United International Tranportation, which rose 4% and insurance firms, although the Saudi index fell today.

One of my pals among reporters when I lived in Europe was Hilfra, the Liverpool-born lesbian editor of a petrochemicals newsletter who regularly went to Riyadh as part of her beat. The publisher paid a fortune in taxi bills for her coverage of Saudi moves downstream.

I will toasted Hilfra when I next get to El Vino's in London. She was a pioneer in moving to the East End in London and my husband and I stayed with her and her partner in their converted school-house in Bow. Her influence and that of our nephew got us to buy a flat at Mudchute Manor.

I never had a Saudi woman friend but I did get to know an Egyptian Muslim with chilldren at the French school our daughter went to in Washington. This poor lady was convinced that the Koran said women were intellectually inferior to men.

Today the durable goods orders rose by double the consensus forecast mainly thanks to plane sales, up 1.7%. But pending home sales sank further in August, down 2.6%, vs a forecast of -0.5%, and mortgage applications sank in tandem.

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Thanks to all who signed the petition to get Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to provide data and freezes for customers whose credit card accounts were hacked without charging for it.

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