Dr Copper?

Tue, 2018/01/23 - 2:09pm | Your editor
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Today the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation (run by Roddy Boyd) examined a German company Wirecard AG. It claims it spent between 175 mn and 285 mn on acquiring an Indian payment processing firm. However, his investigation in India revealed that the money was never spent there, so he suspects fraud.

To read the article visit http://sirf-online.org/2018/01/23/wirecard-ag-the-great-indian-shareholder-robbery/ or use the Twitter friendly link https://tinyurl.com/ycxuwqy2

I donate to SIRF and help distribute their investigations. If you choose to donate after reading please do so and identify yourself as coming from Global-Investing.com. More on fraud watch in the paid subscription section today.


*Metals today got hit by selling, notably iron ore and copper. While it is early days yet, there are stock market theories that “Doctor Copper” predicts the course of global economic growth. With markets YTD in synchronized bullishness, this may be a harbinger of trouble. Or it may be only a fluke caused by Chinese inventories rising as heavy industry is shut in to stop pollution from burning coal.

More on the subject for paid subscribers along with a disappointing result from one of our companies follows. We also got a whopping gain from a speculative holding.


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