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Wed, 2017/02/01 - 3:44pm | Your editor
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The world is moving closer to a nuclear disaster according to the Doomsday clock, which moved a half minute closer to midnight last month, to 2 ½ minutes before disaster. That is partly the result of the new White House denial of global warming and the free and easy way the Potus talks about using and adding to our nuclear arsenal.

Naming Texas Gov. Rick Perry to head the Energy Dept. which overseas the US bomg program. Putin is also rattling on about more strategic nuclear weapons.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists began tallying the danger of nuclear war in 1947 and it hasn't been this close to doom since the peak of the Cold War in 1953

Making matters worse is that a rogue state, North Korea, is testing ICBM weapons which can carry a nuclear warhead—so far unsuccessfully. Another rogue state with nuclear ambition, Iran, tested a ballistic missile Sunday which it claims doesn't fall under the 5-power treaty which Pres. Trump wants to renegotiate or tear up. While Iran has stopped producing weapons-grade plutonium under the treaty, it may nonethless have violated its terms against “destabilizing regional activities. During his campaign, Pres. Trump supported Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's call for renewed sanctions against Iran.

When your editor was in elementary school in Manhattan, we children used to have atom bomb drills. We would put our heads on our desks and wrap our arms abound them. Cellars in my neighborhood had yellow and black signs showing where fallout shelters were to be found. Is this stuff coming back? More on nuclear below.

It appears that at least some of the problems of my newsletter's distribution were the result not only of problems with my webhost but also of problems with my cable company, which changed the settings on my account when it changed from being Time-Warner to becoing Spectrum. My conviction that nuclear technology is not being controlled is enhanced by these snafus.

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