Do You Want A Robot With That?

Thu, 2018/01/25 - 1:48pm | Your editor
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To my amazement, I did not receive negative emails from any of my readers after writing a brief history of the three great monotheistic religions' claims on Jerusalem as a capital. Today Pres. Trump took time out in Davos to back his plan to move the US Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with negative remarks about the Palestinian reaction. Today I am talking down another misleading trend, robotic investment.


The deliberate erosion of the value in foreign currencies of the US dollar is continuing. While I think the main beneficiaries are US holders of foreign stocks whose fundamental trading goes on in a foreign market in foreign currency, there is a risk. If the foreign company in which you own shares does a lot of business in the USA, it will face negative reaction from local investors as the Greenback falls. If it uses a commodity whose price in dollar-denominated, it will be spending more for raw materials.


More about this for paid subscribers along with news from Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and China. Today we begin with some funny ways stock markets behave. The notes below explain why you don't want to buy shares with a robotic programs and why I recommend human stock selection. And we have a semi- annual report from one of our under-the-radar companies.

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