Sun, 2017/08/06 - 2:17pm | Your editor
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Today's portfolio performance tables were delayed by two obstacles soI am still working after lunch. Firstly, Barron's, the weekly I rely upon to get Friday closing quotes decided that it doesn't need to provide prices for preferred stocks any longer and dropped coverage.

Then my website, was the subject of a silly hack attack so I didn't risk sending innocent people to log on until I removed the filthy content. It is posted on a female-run website out of misogyny, I expect. The last hack put a picture of a topless blond where mine is supposed to be in outgoing e-mails. Of course it is better here than it might be in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, for which of course I am grateful. But the trend is not my friend.

As I am between webmasters as Andrew is being hired full-time by the local university for which he now does gigs he will no longer be contracting for me. I am interviewing for new webmasters and I happen to suspect that one of them posted the sex offers on my website and will try to find the culprit lest I hire a male chauvinist pig.

As for the shortcomings of Rupert Murdoch's publishing empire, I suspect he is finding that his pockets are not deep enough to continue Barron's as it used to be, a journal of record for stock markets. The weekly now has added earnings and dividends to its stock tables and had to find something else to remove to avoid printing more pages than its ads will support. As a relative newbie at Schwab I needed help from their support staff in finding all I needed on their site.

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