Credit Cards, Telephones, and Politics

Mon, 2017/09/25 - 3:12pm | Your editor
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Your editor decided to capitulate and subscribe to FIOS to get her phones up and running but it turns out you cannot transfer lines if they are out of service. To transfer our land lines I have to pay the current phone company which is not providing services and then wait for it to give me a refund. But paying refunds is something they tend not to do even when promising refunds in the past for less than total outages. I think I need to start a phone company to be better able to squeeze and cheat my customers.


Anyway, my attempts to move my phone business to get fiberoptic was squelched because the FIOS supplier cannot transfer the lines without the cooperation of the current carrier which wants to be paid to provide this.


Another outrage: after being told by Equifax that my personal information is at risk—along with that of about half the adult population of the USA, I am being asked to pay for monitoring my account. I am probably going to get a credit back here too but I hardly think Equivax is any more reliable than my phone carrier. I just signed a petition against the fee. If you want to join me, link to


*Angela Merkel is aiming for a rather unnatural Jamaica coalition after the German poll yesterday, combining her CDU-CSU black minority seats in the Bundestag with both the Environmentalist 'Greens' and the Liberal Democrats (gold). The 2 smaller parties disagree about emigration and farm policy, and the greens want less policing and more cannabis. But the trio are against air pollution and diesel cars.


Japan's PM Abe meanwhile has called a 'snap election'


More today from Spain, Russia, Oman, Mexico, Israel, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, China, Chile, Canada, Britain, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina. My blog is late because I was yelling at telephone companies and Schwab which keeps locking me out of my account.

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