Cowards and Cows

Thu, 2017/06/15 - 10:00am | Your editor
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On a day when this investor feels like a coward, let's start with cows. How now brown cow, grazing in the green, green grass. Brian Bellhouse, the Oxford Prof made a fortune with a DIY PowerJect syringe replacement injections using compressed gas to avoid having to pierce the skin. He was killed during a country walk in East Sussex by stampeding cows this week.

Qatar, boycotted by its neighbors, settled a herd of cows in a barn to provide milk to the population, hitherto supplied from across its borders in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. I suspect they will live in air-conditioned barns as dairy herds do in Israel.

A Norfolk vegetarian who inherited a beef farm donated his 59-cow herd to an animal sanctuary rather than let them be slaughtered.

The Narendra Modi rigorous Hindu government has hit India's show industry, mostly manned by lower castes, because they cannot get leather. Workers are being fired for the sake of the the sacred cows.


U.S. stock futures dipped and Asian and European shares were on the defensive on Thursday after media reports that Pres. Donald Trump is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice by special investigator Robert S. Mueller. The counsel has contacted 3 present and former intelligence officials to question them regarding contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians or others who may have been meddling in the US election. This opens up a new can of worms.

I worry about the Saudi-Qatari standoff as it cannot but mean major trouble ahead.

And Theresa May, the other top leader of the English-speaking world, is still not assured the votes of the Democratic Union MPs from Northern Ireland. (Apologies to reader FBN and others who may have found my references to the Orange Order offensive, and who think the Ulster Protestants should be called Scots-Irish. I was reflecting on a building, not politically correct at the time, to say nothing for now.)


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