Copying the Enemy

Tue, 2017/06/13 - 8:34am | Your editor
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From the Algarve I am pondering how both Theresa May and Donald Trump are becoming like their enemies. Mrs May has to deal with horrible terrorists, and yet she is allying herself with horrible terrorists from Northern Ireland to keep power. These Ulstermen have blood on their hands bigtime just as their IRA opponents do.

Trump seems to be involved in trivia rather than focusing on the largest current challenge to US security, from nuclearized North Korea. Pres. Trump's televised full cabinet meeting involved everyone from himself on down praising his administration's work to date. This reminded the Frankurter Algemeine Zeitung today of nothing so much as how the North Korea regime praised Kim Jung-Un for more talent at governing than anyone else.

Is Washington turning into the Hermit Kingdom just as London is turning into Belfast?

Today we have news from Britain, India, the USA, Israel, Bermuda, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Japan, and Panama.

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