Contagious Conflict of Interest

Wed, 2017/01/18 - 1:51pm | Your editor
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The Trump team seems pretty disunited to me with one exception—contagious conflict of interest seems to mark the selected Administration nominees. I wrote yesterday based on Bloomberg articles about Anthony Scaramucci of Skybridge Capital who in Davos engaged in deal talk with a banned Russian sovereign wealth fund. I am relieved to report that Mr Scaramucci has now opted to exit the hedge fund he founded although it will take about 3 months. Better late than never.

But other conflicts of interest among the nominees which were not as flagrant do not appear to have resulted in similar divestitures. This creates a dangerous precedent not only for future Republicans taking government jobs but also for Democrat who do.

More today on Ireland's outlook and the boost to the American Depositary Receipts market your editor anticipates with news from Brazil, Mexico, the Dutch Antilles, Canada, Israel, Sweden, Australia, Thailand, Belgium, India, Sweden, South Africa, Britain, and Ireland.

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