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Tue, 2017/07/11 - 2:16pm | Your editor
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Beware of Amazon Prime Day, writes Rhett Jones of Gizmodo. Apparently our national champion on-line vendor uses this day to “offload the sh-t it couldn't sell”.

However I object to Jones focusing on the the Dishwasher Magnet clean-dirty sign. It is often difficult to tell if the dishes have been done or not. More consumer reports for paid subscribers below.


Being a news-hen by training I led my blog on Monday with the scandal over selling its power stations to the Crimea, the Russia-seized part of the Ukraine covered by a ban on sales from the European Community. The story was broken by the FAZ website which I visited to check up on another German company. Today the Siemens sale was the lede story in the New York Times business section and not covered at all because of fear of fierce British libel laws in The Financial Times.


However, the FT did manage to report that phone company Frontier Communications had risen 1429.88% yesterday. I own it in my IRA and, alas, it did not in fact go up at all. It has lost about 80% in value in the last 52-weeks and omitted its dividend, which I had bought it for. The jump was because of a 15:1 reverse split. Two rating groups I watch, Zacks and ValuEngine, take opposite views on whether it is worth holding.


I had to fight for an hour to get the new Fidelity research system to give me a proper gander at a Reuters-Verus report on Exxon Mobil, XOM, so it is pretty useless.


The quality of paid information seems to be breaking down but my rinky little newsletter, most of the time, is not powerful enough to fill the gap, unless I get an edge from foreign languages like yesterday. More for paid subscribers from South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, France, Spain, India, Israel, Mexico, and Britain.

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