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Tue, 2017/03/07 - 3:12pm | Your editor
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Today's blog is delayed because for some mysterious reason my laptop switched from black on white to white on black, and I am unsure how to reverse this. Happily it doesn't port to the printer. But I am not sure what  occurs on tthe website where I post my issues. But it is making it very hard for me to write, as I using the typing skills I first acquired in Middle School when girls learned typing and boys had shop.

It is annoying but part of the way our lives are constantly being intervered with by technology we do not altogether understand, a matter which I think is as smuch a part of the populist phenomenon as resentment of the supposed masters of tech who are ignoring the masses. Sometimes I am a part of the masses too, rather than of the supposed elite.

And learning from a WikiLeaks report that Central Intelligence Agency hacks into smartphones, computers, and internet-connected devices bring out my own hidden populist support for privacy. Including of course for candidates running for the Presidency, which is presumably why the Wiki leak came out now.

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