Club Med Diet

Tue, 2013/02/26 - 2:07pm | Your editor
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According to the New York Times today, southern Europe offers more than awful economies, corruption, and perverse voting patterns. (Beppo Grillo the clown took the lead in the Italian parliamentary elections!)

The Club Med countries are best at a long-terms survivial diet that protects against the vascular problems of old age. We should all over-dose on olive oil, eat lots of legumes and nuts, substitute fish and chicken for red meat, eat lots of fruit and fresh veggies, and cut down on dairy products. The Mediterranean diet is easier for people to follow than a low fat regimen and works better at preventing stroke and heart attack.

The other news is that we have another unexpected high-country to look to invest in, South Africa. Despite mining strikes, corruption, high unemployment, and amateurish government, the country is growing faster than Bloomberg surveys of economists indicated, 2.5% in 2012 in actual numbers, and 2.1% based on Q4 figures annualized.

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