Checks and Balances

Wed, 2017/08/23 - 11:56am | Your editor
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Windows10 persists in updating my new laptop bought last week, and blocking my access by changing or removing my sign-in password. I had to again call Microsoft in India, where I was connected to Mohammed (who no longer can divorce his wife if he has one by saying “talak” three times). He was very helpful in part because the instructions on the microsoft site for changing your password are not clear and do not work unless you go vvveeerrryyy slowly, not my speed of choice. The great windows system is being seriously undermined by poor updates and I think Indians should be employed in looking out for bugs before the update—which customers are unable to block—goes out and screws up their computers, rather than in helping undo the damage. This is the second time in 4 days that my desktop became inaccessible, and what is truly annoying is that when I am in the reset password mode it knows my old password and won't let me reinstall it—but it won't recognize it on logging in.

It reminds me of other great technologies that bit the dust.


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