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Thu, 2017/04/13 - 5:21pm | Your editor
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With computers and laptops and cellphones all to hand, hacking and stealing is now becoming easier than before. With the arrival of the Internet of Things, the proliferating system security holes will become a pathway for lucrative criminality.

Medicine on the go will check your heartbeat or your blood sugar levels creating health vulnerabilities for your enemies (or impatient heirs) to exploit.

An app will look into your refrigerator to make sure you are not running out of milk while you are at the supermarket—and will tip thieves off that there is no one at home.

A doll or teddy bear will use the Internet to chat with your child who will become vulnerable to a kidnapper or molester.

Drones will fly through the sky listening to your contacts on-line with your bank or broker and nab your passwords and your money.

O Brave New World.

Yes, of course I am particularly aware of the risk after the hack of my laptops. In the end to clean them up the techies erased all my backup drives, which makes it harder to check on what I have written before. Of course it is all accessible on our website.


Pres. Trump removed his charge that China was a currency manipulator and then blamed the fact that the dollar is too strong. He then called for lower US interest rates. Marine Le Pen gained some poll advantage in France. The neo-populist trend led investors to pile into blue chip euro-denominated bonds from Germany, Holland, and Finland. Their volume has soared and yields are falling in both euros and greenbacks. Bond ivestors are also buying Mexican sterling issues and Pemex euro bonds. British 10 year bonds hit a half year low. Emerging market bonds, often unrated or not in the index, are the new focus in a desperate search for yield. I assume Melania Trump is among those buying Slovenia (her homeland, where a major retailer has just gone bust) with the money she extracted from the Daily Mail which accused her of having been part of an escort service rather than a model when she first came to the USA.


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