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Fri, 2017/11/17 - 3:13pm | Your editor
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Despite what look like fumbles over the currency, Narendra Modi has strong support in India according to Pew polls. In India, 88% of he people view him favorably and, astonishingly, 83% are statisfied with the state of the economy.

There was no poll in Kashmir. And regionally, his favorable rating was loest in the north, at 84% which includes the capital, New Delhi and most Pakistan border areas.

Moreover 70% of respondents like the direction India is moving in, vs 29% who felt that way about the former Congress Govt.

Modi's vision for India appeals to the population. He wants to strengthen the central government, the military, and Indian society. The latter is the hardest because of Indian diversity of religion, languages, and (alas) castes. Of course as a Hindu nationalist, Modi gets the most votes with his taste for Hindu identity politics because that is the majority in India.

While there is great risk in Hindu nationalism, a unfied central governmnet could better use Indian talents and resources to increase its economic efficiency. The question is one of balance between minority rights and ambitions for growth.


Today's blog is late because I had to attend a ribbon cutting for my volunteer work as the editor of my local community bulletin for Sutton Place. It was for the Andrew Haswell Green park, named after the Robert Moses of the 19th century, a barely known figure who created New York City and many of its public institutions. The park was opened around the corner from here. Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver made the comparison with Moses. However Green was a much less obnoxious planner than Moses.


I was corrected by a German born Maryland lawyer for my note last week about getting down the quilts I inherited. CA says that the German story about the woman who shakes out the quilts in the sky is not Frau Hoelle as I wrote by Frau Holle. Hoelle means hell in German. Entschudligen. Senior moment for me because my Hitler refugee mother rarely spoke German with me.


Today we have another shorty blog with news from Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Denmark, India, Brazil, Mexico, Britain, Israel, and Ireland.

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