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Wed, 2013/02/27 - 1:38pm | Your editor
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Another Swiss went postal with his gun at a factory during lunchhour, proving (if this is needed) that countries where gun ownership is widespread also suffer from gun violence. At last count there are 3 dead and 7 wounded in the Swiss episode by a fired woodworker.

Mexico arrested the head of the teachers' union for stealing NMP 2.6 bn from union funds for personal use. Elsa Esther Gordillo used the money among other things for a shopping spree at Nieman Marcus.

The European Union's point man on the transaction tax for trading stocks and options, tax commissioner Algindas Semeta, admitted to the press that he really wants the tax to be imposed worldwide. The US Treasury opposes the so-called Tobin tax, supported by only 11 EU member countries. This week Portugal, not one of the 11, said it would oppose an such tax unless it was approved by the entire EU.

Almaaty annulled part of the license under which Australia's Rio Tinto owns 66%of the Oyo Tolgai gold mine in Mongolia. It has also suspended exit visas for foreign staffers working on developing the mine, spooking investors in this frontier economy.


PG, who is thinking about becoming a paid subscriber worried that he might not be able to trade the stocks we tip without going to Interactive Brokerage, which I find user unfriendly. In fact most on-line brokers like E-trade, Schwab, and Fidelity can handle our ideas for US retail investors just fine. There are minor difficulties over arbitration with the latter two firms, some of which are headlined, and some restrictionsn with Chuck. Your editor is constantly advising other brokerages to offer more global trading. In time the argument will stick.


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