Amazing Amazon?

Fri, 2018/01/19 - 1:54pm | Your editor
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The rush into stocks at the wending of the year turns out to have been at an all-time record level. Now optimism is being questioned as the markets prepare for a budget impasse and a US government shut down. I cannot believe that either of these phenomena deserves a long-term future but I have been worried about stock bulls and Congressional die-hards for ages.


A major bust-up with Amazon from which I bought a book in December written in part by a college friend whose name I set as my password..I “tested” (haha) Amazon Prime which has been taking its fee monthly and tried to do it again today. I know my password but Amazon doesn't accept it and aims to bill my rinky firm monthly at a higher rate than November's to boot.


Sometimes I think Donald Trump has it right.


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