Quick tips for users

The new site is different from the old, so here are some tips:

  • If you're an existing member of the newsletter, you will need to set your password here. To do that, go to the "forgot my password" page and put your email in the form. It will send you a link that will let you log in and set your password.
  • You can log in or update your account information any time on the Account link.
  • You can search the full content of the site in the "Search this Site" block on the left side of every page.
  • Your newsletter membership was brought over from the old site. You can check it on your account page. If there are any errors, of course, please let us know.
  • You can choose to receive the newsletter by email or not - Set that in the "manage my subscriptions" on your account page. The newsletter setting affects only whether you receive the newsletter by email - it doesn't affect your access to full content on the site. You can turn it on or off at any time.
  • If you like to get the newsletter by RSS, it's available right on this page. Use the RSS icons on the top or bottom of the page, or use  (Don't worry about that if you don't know what RSS is.) Logged in subscribers get the full content, nonsubscribers get the "teaser".
  • Non-subscribers can receive the daily email, but they only get the first part. To get the whole thing, please subscribe.

As you can imagine, there will be some rough edges as we work to make the site serve you. Please let us know and we'll do our best to make it better.

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