A Canadian writes


I just wanted to send a note that I really appreciated being able to read
this special report - and continue to appreciate the variety of
international information and analysis available with the global investing
subscription. I look forward to getting the newsletter. Thanks

K. K.
from a Happy USA reader

good job, Vivian, and good news.

Best Regards, 
from a Hong Kong reader


Dear Vivian

Congratulations. It was a great call.




thank you for the sage advice you’ve been giving your followers over the last several months.


Judy C



Dear Vivian,

Here are some of the things that my stock proceeds will be used for (first home run since New Tel and that required exquisite timing by you):

Help son no. 1 one get econ Ph.D.

Help son no. 2 with Italian major at Yale

Help with melanoma detection and spider bite detection research between grants.

Grazie mille per il suo aiuto


Love your comments on ETFs. As a person who likes to dive in when others are in a panic, I can't imagine my anger if I'd had an ETF Buy "busted" after the fact! "Integrity" of markets indeed!

Glad to see that you find Sidoti & Co. research worth noting.