O Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Wed, 2017/12/20 - 8:08am | Your editor
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Today is the last day of Chanukah and autumn, and it certainly is damp and dark in London where there are again no airplanes flying because of the freezing fog problem. What I thought was a rainbow visible in the sky as we left Gatwick Monday turns out to have been a fogbow—result of freezing mists—which reduce visibility for pilots so much they cannot land. The thing was a harbinger of disaster not of glad tidings. I got it wrong.

A bunch of amateur Islamic terrorists in the north of England have been rounded up by the cops before they could murder anyone for Christmas.

The big news here is that U.K.Toys R Us failed to meet Pension Protection Fund rules requiring a payment of £9 mn to secure employee retirements. So the British chain will be forced to close without its planned restructuring and will have to file for bankruptcy. And its employees will be jobless.

Our London TV is out and Sky cannot come to fix it before we will have returned to the US so they are paying for us to hire a local repairman. A human being! Meanwhile Prime Minister Theresa May included Sky plc as awarding its bosses with “fatcat pay” representing “the unacceptable face of capitalism”, in her words. That's Rupert Murdoch and his minions, in case you were wondering.


Politics remains depressingly nasty despite the season. The U.S. Senate says the House of Representatives voted out the tax bill without certain required clauses which means that the law has to go back for another Lower House revision and vote after it passes the Upper House.

And Jeremy Corbyn, the leftie leader of the British Labour Party predicts there will be another election here in the next 12 months—and he will win the Prime Ministership. He also seemed to say that Brexit will not be an issue in the coming poll. He represents “the unacceptable face of socialism” and I am hard pressed to decide whether May or Corbyn is worse.The news amounts to telling us that the grinch stole Christmas.

Another Japanese specs scandal reveals that Mitsubishi Materials Corp sold rubber seals to nuclear power stations and 300 other customers which did not meet safety standards. However Kansai Electric Power Co says there is no immediate risk.

*Bitcoin fell 15% today in Asian trading. Our local Turkish newsvendor and grocer here in East London, the only person I know who owns the crypto-currency, says he is not selling at $16,626 today. He expects his bitcoins to reach 6 figures (in sterling).

North Korea reportedly is adding anthrax germs to its inter-continentital missiles. How jolly.

More for paid subscribers follows from Mexico, Israel, France, the Dutch Antilles, Bermuda, Colombia, Panama, Norway, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Egypt, Spain, and Britain, as the news increasingly focuses on mistletoe and holly.

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