Ladies Dancing

Tue, 2018/01/02 - 2:46pm | Your editor
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Today the Frankfurt airport went down because of IT computer woes. Five flights out were cancelled and another five heading there from other airports never took off. Apparently it was impossible to get the flight indicators to show that planes had begun boarding. You wonder why human beings don't simply pick up a microphone to tell people to board.


The US purchasing managers' index reported today for December hit 55.1, the fastest rise since 2015. The risk of over-heating is up although the people supposed to demand higher wages don't yet seem to be aware of their power.


*It is not only Apple which slows down its older phones. Samsung does the same according to our guy in Canada, Martin Ferera.


Again because of family business I will be out on Wednesday morning so I am writing up the news on Tuesday evening instead. We have a lot about finance from the USA, Germany, Scotland, China, the EU, and Spain, Chile and Canada. On industry we report developments in Brazil, Colombia, the Dutch Antilles, and Britain, while our Internet and IT coverage hits Hong Kong, South Africa, Israel, and Canada. Drug stocks from Britain, Switzerland, Israel, and Ireland make news too.

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