I'm A Forbes Woman

Fri, 2018/01/12 - 2:28pm | Your editor
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Dear Reader, today I became a Forbes woman. I won kudos for no reason other than my sex, which usually works against me despite the advances of women's lib during my business career. Steve Halpern, who writes about investing newsletters, placed an article on investment advisors who are female in Forbes magazine today. You can view it on-line at:




In my early days as a journalist in Paris, I benefitted from the generosity to his colleagues—of whatever gender—by Malcolm Forbes who owned a French château and a yacht upon which great parties were held. He invited the press, their spouses, and their children for food, music, and rides in the gondola of his hot air balloon, at his palatial residence called “The Undefensible.” His refreshing attitude toward wealth was in total contrast to the shifty French leftist bias against "les nouveaux riches", particularly if American. He collected Tsarist Easter eggs and Maoist posters before they became fashionable and costly.

And from that Presbyterian Heaven where he deserved to wind up, (despite some supposed sins which are now no longer sins that we didn't know about then), I expect Malcolm Forbes is applauding Steve's initiative.


It looks like Angela Merkel has succeeded in creating a new “grand coalition” to govern Germany, resulting in a rise to a 3-yr high of the euro against the greenback. Even the Mexican peso gained againts the dollar. Pres. Trump's incredible lack of respect for his office doesn't help the dollar either, but it will lower the trade deficit. Crude oil has risen to $64 today because of predicted cold weather, Monday's closed market (for Martin Luther King day), and a lower dollar (in which oil is priced but not consumed.)


I do not have the Australian flu spreading in England, merely a bad cold. Having had the real flu, in 1969, I know how different it is from a mere respiratory infection. On the subject of medicine and women, we have an interesting note in our paid blog today about simulating childbirth and also news from Britain, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Hong Kong,  China, Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, India, Belgium, Ireland, Tibet, Taiwan, and Germany.

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