Frau Holle

Thu, 2017/11/09 - 2:55pm | Your editor
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It is the beginning of winter in my city so this morning I got out our eiderdowns to stay cozy at night. These I inherited from my German-born mother who did not believe in mere blankets. In German children's stories “Frau Holle” up in the sky creates snow by shaking out her eiderdowns. Unlike many of the tales the Brothers Grimm collected (which were from Huguenots who had brought La Mère Oie, AKA Mother Goose with them when they fled France), this is probably a genuine German children's myth.

Then we had some contretemps over passwords for my future webmistress and another over getting our Portuguese lawyer into our account with the local council over taxes. Portuguese lawyers have e-mail addresses that amount to a password all on their own, with lots of letters and numbers both upper and lower case. Luckily no accents.

Happily my office phone is now activated after over 10 weeks of no linkage. Ain't technology wonderful? Alas I could not get throught to Macedonia (AKA FYROM) where my new webmistress is located before they all knocked off for the day.


US shares are down because what Wall Street wanted, a corporate tax cut, may not survive amidst other giveaways targeted more closely to rich Republican donors.

More news from Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Israel, Australia, and Hong Kong-China. Because my broker's site is out of order with the selloff today, my blog is blissfully short for a change.

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