Don't Disconnect for a Minute!

Mon, 2017/12/11 - 5:16pm | Your editor
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Oy vey. How tough it can be to prepare ahead. We properly headed back to New York from Boston to catch the 5 p.m. Flight to La Guardia after getting an email confirmation of our tix at the hotel. Big mistake. American Airlines delayed our takeoff by a mere 5 hours. When we finally hit the Big Apple the wait for taxis was around the airport twice. Luckily we did not try to return by bus via the Port Authority Terminal on 42nd St. which was hit by a terrorist in the wee hours today.

Then after a quick short sleep I hit the office. Big mistake II. Microsoft had updated my laptop during the weekend and taken out my ability to log on with my password. I called and spoke to a nice man in the Philippines called Harvey who after many tries to overcome the blockage asked if he could wipe out my laptop and install a new system of windows 10. Since my laptop holds work in progress and I couldn't save this stuff I refused.

In the end I used a 1990s trick to get back into the laptop, linking it to my pre-Windows 10 desktop with a wire. Although my laptop was not left on, and not with me, it had been “updated” to block non-Microsoft access over the weekend. I am going to copy all my stuff onto the desktop and remove microsoft 10 entirely before night falls. Here it is 3:15, a mere 7 hours later and I am writing my blog.

In the interval during which I was incommunicado, Bitcoin rose from $15,460 to $18,700, which works out to about 21%.


Apart from scepticism about cybercash, my conclusion is that however benevolent the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation may appear to be, Macrohard is still a monopolist at heart and its purpose with updates to is disable computers which do not use Windows, Siri, and all the trimmings.

And by analogy, if you are Chinese you should not trust wechatto hide from Beijing and local Communists your snide remarks about the Chairman or your boss or the garbage collector.


Also, you do not want to expect Apple to honestly run your cellphone. You do not want to believe in Amazon's benevolence. Do not assume that google is your friend and that facebook is benign.


As bittycoin reaches the size of a Dutch tulip bulb the odds increase that this will all end in tears. However, confining the troubles to come to cybercurrencies and internet stocks will not be easy, particularly if the Trump Administration opts to boost taxes in Blue States like New York or Massachusetts, California or Connecticut. Such surgery tends to spill over into other areas—even with Republican Senators and Congresspeople making laws.


In fact the vagaries of the tax reform bill are hard to pin down, but will have far more impact on 2018 US stock market performance than anything else I can think of.


Luckily we have good news to keep spirits bright. The best way to exit good performing stocks is if they are taken over, and 2017 has just seen another move on one of our small caps by a buyer.

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