Chillin Out in Chile

Mon, 2017/11/20 - 6:26pm | Your editor
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The London Stock Exchange (LSE) today notched up its 100th company flotation of 2017 this week, breaking the century barrier for the first time in three years thanks to a strong international showing and a proliferation of investment fund listings.

Northern Irish healthcare firm Fusion Antibodies and Israeli miner Shefa Yamim today were  admitted to the exchange as the 99th and 100th IPOs of the 2017.

We departed and arrived 2 hours later than expected with our first trial of Norwegian Air Shuttle and despite having paid for food and drink on the flight and the right to slightly longer reserved seats and 2 checked suitcases, I was denied the right to more than one glass of wine with my dinner which was served about 2 am NY time.  The stewardess kept offering me coffee but I wanted to conk out. Finally my husband bought us a wee bottle of wine helping the NAS cover its costs.

The big overnight news was the victory of Sebastian Pinera in the 2nd round of the Chilean elections which impacted our stocks.

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