Capitol Hill Reacts to Moore Defeat

Wed, 2017/12/13 - 1:29pm | Your editor
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It was a close call but even Alabamans are ethical and intelligent enough to be trusted with a Senate vote. The defeat of Judge Moore is, of course, being viewed as a judgment on the Trump presidency, but in fact he was such a singularly poor candidate to have been chosen that his defeat may reflect only on his own beliefs, behavior, and electoral appeal. Making sexual passes at underage girls is not mere harassment. It is a crime.

I think the Republicans are worried that they will not have another crack at "tax reform" and have lowered some of the giveaways to get the thing to Pres. Trump by Christmas. If they lose enough seats in the 2018 election they will have to resume normal behavior on Capitol Hill and work across the aisle with Democrats.

The Internet and telephone crisis at my office is not resolved but I am working on my old desktop computer to get the blog out on a more timely basis. I apologize for the chaos of the past few days, caused not only by my own great lack of tech savvy, but also by that of the people supposedly providing telephone, internet, and computer services. My telephone line was taken out four times by people from Spectrum trying to reboot my modem, insisting that there was no general fault. Doing so cut off the phone in midstream conversation with the tech support folks. But then I learned that, again, lots of lines were out in my building, which Spectrum began every conversation by insisting was not the case. Each tech call required that I start again to establish my ID and bona fides and then explain the situation, again, to a new techie. This happened four times. I then took the laptop to Microsoft which very graciously offered to wipe out my hard drive and reinstall a new one for the mere sum of $119 plus tax, losing me all my account information—for subscribers, my business, my IRS prep, and our stock performance tables. So I schlepped the computer back to Carlos at Staples who had set it up in the first place. Now I await a reestablishment of my link from Spectrum, which offered to do it tomorrow but which I shamed into coming today. And hearing from Carlos what the solution will involve. Once you get to a real human being the 21st century is tolerable, but until then....argh.


We have news today from Chile to Germany, from Switzerland to Mauretania, from Brazil to China, from Argentina to Belgium.

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