Auld Lang Syne

Sun, 2017/12/31 - 11:33am | Your editor
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Dear readers,

Before we head off to celebrate the New Year in Greenwich, I posted my close-of-year tables on the website where you may view our closed-positions and, if you are a subscriber, our current ones as well. It has been a good year for stocks and also for our stocks, the first time since 2008 that our companies were sufficiently appealing to lead to mergers and acquisitions, the easiest way to make money with a portfolio.

It will not be so easy in 2018 of course, but I think some US stalward oldies like GE or Microsoft may be on the comeback trail. Other markets also have such venerable out-of-favor shares and we own a few of those.

We went last night to the brand new Bridge Theatre (by London Bridge) with my brother- and sister-in-law to see The Young Marx, a comedy about not Groucho but Karl. It was fun seeing that the great bearded one was actually a bit of a hippy and only saved from various dreadful consequences of his actions by Engels and his wife Jenny von Westfalen who the play claimed was a relative of the Duke of Argyle, which I expect the British got right given their passion for lords and ladies.

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