Another Crisis in Technolgoy

Tue, 2017/12/12 - 3:50pm | Your editor
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Tuesday's blog is delayed because my internet and telephone went out in my office. I got a temporary link only after 4 calls to try to get Time-Warner, now Spectrum, to reestablish my lines. Each time they worked on the internet link the telephone went down while they jiggled the modem settings. They are the tech support folks. Me I am just the customer but they didn't seem to know this would happen..


*Your editor kvelled yesterday about a small company stock she recommended that rose to nearly double in price after a bid came from a US firm for the whole shebang. We had another one overnight on a stock recommended by our reporter Harry Geisel, MBA, called Gemalto. Harry is chuffed that a takeover by Atoa will take place at $26.61, and that the stock rose 12% yesterday to mover toward the offer. He was not particularly kind to your editor who had sold GTOMY, a Franco-Dutch maker of security devices like smart cards and ID, in Nov. 2016, as part of an end-of-year cull. Harry is going to get $26.61 but we sold 13 months ago for a dollar less than he will get next year, $25.60.

Which is not to say buy-and-hold is not generally a good tactic, or that Harry is a bad stock picker. We had a gain that satisfied me then, and I wanted to buy something else. We cannon own every American Depositary Receipt stock out there.

Nor can I keep up with more stocks than I do now. Especially when tech goes agly.


More today from my pre-workday internet research at home. This news is all stale. You have been warned. We have news from Ireland via Atlanta, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Israel, and Britain.

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