About Global Investing

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Vivian Lewis is editor and founder of Global-Investing.com, the daily blog newsletter for Americans and others seeking to internationalize their portfolios. She brings unique experience and competence to the business of picking foreign stocks. After graduating from Harvard magna cum laude (and being elected to Phi Beta Kappa), Vivian lived 18 years in Europe where she worked as a financial journalist. Back in the U.S. in 1989, she decided that retail investors managing their own portfolios deserved the kind of information she had been digging up for mutual fund and pension fund managers. So she started Global Investing, now 21 years old. It began with the rise of the American Depositary Receipt market, where now some 2,500 shares can be bought. We also cover Canadian stocks (which are not ADRs).

Later she started globalinvestingpro, which has now been incorporated into the main global investing newsletter, mainly because the number of unsponsored ADRs has grown rapidly since late 2008. It was initially intended for investors able to purchase directly on foreign markets.

Apart from ADRs, Global Investing also covers yield instruments like yankee bonds and foreign preferred stocks. And for start-up global investors, we recommend closed-end and exchange-traded funds which invest outside the U.S. Funds offer instant diversification at lower cost than individual stocks.

However with discount brokerages on the Internet, you can build a global portfolio with as little as $25,000 to start.

Vivian brings to the readership her familiarity with foreign markets, a full rolodex of contacts garnered during 18 years of living abroad, and the ability to speak a half-dozen languages. She has a team of free-lance reporters who help her cover foreign countries.

When we publish a trading alert we tell you which portfolio the sale or purchase is meant for. The alert usually is published after the newsletter issue with the write-up the stock. That is  because I do not trade until the issue has gone out, and I do not know the price we got or paid until then, to not front-run the readers.

There are four portfolios: yield, buy and hold, speculative (all stocks and bonds) and the starter portfolio for those with small amounts invested who need instant diversification. They are advised to buy closed-end or exchange-traded funds which are also divided between yield and growth; we do not cover open-end mutual funds

We try to keep the number of positions limited. But sometimes we wind up with a lot of cash which happened recently when we extracted ourselves from Alcon, an expensive stock (ie it cost over $100 per share, and we think in round lots). So my team looked for several ideas to invest the money.

Half our recommendations typically are pink sheet-traded. That sounds scary but in fact these shares trade in heavy volumes every day on the foreign market where the stock is based. Bonds, including our Yankee bonds, even if formally listed, trade over the counter too. And even NYSE-listed foreign preferred stocks are not always very liquid. Because we target our service to retail investors most buying in modest amounts we can cover the nooks and crannies of the OTC market and not create waves of buy or sell orders which would increase the costs of trading.

For more information, visit global-investing.com  where you can securely subscribe to Global Investing on the Internet for a day, or a year to test it out. Or sign up for a daily blog with information on global markets, which is free but without our stock picks. We charge for the stock picks because they make money for our subscribers.